In Pursuit of Perfection: 100% Guaranteed Availability



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100% storage availability a revolutionary step for mission-critical apps

Increasingly, organisations are becoming reliant on mission-critical apps to run successfully. It’s therefore more essential than ever that their data storage be always available and easily accessible to ensure these apps are working 24×7.

With downtime not an option, you need storage that’s resilient, intelligent, and most importantly, “always-on”.

HPE Primera is the only storage array to guarantee 100% availability. Incredibly simple to use, proactively resilient, and purpose-built with HPE InfoSight – the industry’s most advanced artificial intelligence for infrastructure – Primera offers storage perfection for mission-critical environments.

Our in-depth opinion white paper, In Pursuit of Perfection: 100% Availability Guaranteed, takes you through everything you need to know about HPE Primera and explores why it’s the ideal solution for your mission-critical apps.