Hybrid Cloud starts with a Hyperconverged Infrastructure



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Accelerate your journey to hybrid cloud with Dell HCI

While some organisations may have their own private cloud on-premises and others turn to public cloud services to host their data, it’s getting impractical to rely solely on a single cloud for everything. As data grows and workloads become more complex, the priority becomes ensuring these are hosted in the optimum location. That’s why more and more businesses are looking to make the move to a hybrid cloud.

What is hybrid cloud and why make the switch?

Hybrid cloud makes it possible for businesses to enjoy the best of public and private cloud by enabling the seamless interoperation between both. More cost-effective than a private cloud and more secure than a public cloud alone, a hybrid cloud helps businesses gain better operational control and enhanced agility when it comes to hosting workloads. But a hybrid cloud can only truly be achieved by ensuring your on-premises environment is ready to support it.

In conjunction with our partner, Dell EMC, we’ve outlined why the best and fastest route to hybrid cloud is by implementing a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). By downloading our free opinion white paper, you’ll quickly learn why “Hybrid Cloud starts with a Hyperconverged Infrastructure”.