Enhancing the modern workplace with hardware-enforced security



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HP devices offer unique hardware-enforced protection

Cybersecurity threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated. So much so that even the latest defences included with the Windows 10 Pro operating system and Microsoft 365 cannot keep you protected on their own. Only by combining these solutions with the right hardware, designed to work in tandem with applications and integrated features to maximise performance, can you ensure the highest levels of device protection.

Built with innovative security features at their core, the latest HP business devices are a perfect match for Microsoft products. The hardware-enforced security stack works quietly in the background, identifying and nullifying potential threats to ensure the ongoing security of every device while simultaneously providing a platform for your users to enjoy all that Windows 10 Pro and Microsoft 365 has to offer.

By reading our latest opinion white paper, you’ll learn:

• Why workplace evolution requires a new approach to security.
• The import role of hardware-enforced security as part of layered protection beyond antivirus and firewalls.
• How innovative features such as HP Sure Start, Sure Run and Sure View keep your users secure.
• Why choosing the right hardware holds the key to harnessing the true value of Windows 10 Pro and Microsoft 365.

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