Management complexity, supply constraints and new working models are challenging your device strategy like never before.

Traditional approaches to device management are no longer a viable option, but an Azure Virtual Desktop solution could provide an attractive alternative.

Find your desktops a new home in the cloud

So many of the applications and services you use today already live in the cloud, and migrating your desktops could help relieve the admin headache and extend the life of your existing hardware.

Azure Virtual Desktop cuts through previous Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) objections to deliver the perfect blend of security, control and user experience, all as part of a single commercially-attractive solution.

Our latest guide seeks to bring you up to speed on what Azure Virtual Desktop is and help start your research journey to qualify if it’s right for your business.

In the guide you’ll learn:

  • Why Azure Virtual Desktop is a compelling alternative to traditional desktop delivery
  • The benefits of delivering desktops from Azure
  • How Azure Virtual Desktop differs to Windows 365