Breaking down communication barriers

Zoom is a video-based communications platform that provides easy and reliable, cloud-based conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinar functionalities. Since being founded in 2011, Zoom has been making its mark in the industry by helping businesses bring their teams together through the power of smart technology. Zoom provides a unified experience through wireless content sharing and software-defined meeting rooms to give users a truly powerful and reliable conferencing environment.

Servium and Zoom

We are proud to have recognised the opportunities Zoom represents when they were still an emerging brand. Now with more than 700,000 business customers worldwide, Zoom is challenging conventional meeting and collaboration platforms by offering businesses an exciting alternative to traditional technologies.

As an early adopter of Zoom, Servium is ahead of the curve when it comes to building solutions that incorporate Zoom. We’ve integrated Zoom solutions into wider office applications, we’ve enabled migration from legacy conferencing platforms, and we’ve wrapped Zoom into wider cloud service offerings as customers look towards harnessing critical technology off-premise using convenient subscription-based commercials. Naturally, we’ve also chosen to use the platform ourselves, even using it to power our own series of webinars, which regularly sees us hosting in excess of 20 participants in virtual meetings that capitalise on all the rich functionality available in the platform.

Get connected

The best way to experience immersive technology like this is to try it for yourself. We can help get you set up instantly and trial Zoom for free. It’s a low-touch way to bring the experience to your door and see for yourself the benefits of a truly connected workspace.