The Who

  • Global geoservices firm
  • Specialists in seismic imaging
  • Offices in 13 countries worldwide
  • Roughly 2,000 users in UK alone

The Challenge

  • Outdated meeting room AV and video conferencing technology in need of refresh at UK HQ
  • Unsightly and impractical environment impacting brand image during external meetings
  • Wanted to achieve consistency with updated tech of other global offices
  • Also looking to improve collaboration and communication between multiple global sites
  • Legacy technology impacting user productivity

The Solution

  • Servium established customer objectives and assessed viability
  • Discussed how to ensure meeting room was consistent with other sites
  • Conducted several on-site meetings in lead up to deployment to establish each room’s proposed layout and function
  • Proposed new and modern AV and video conferencing solution for HQ
  • Orchestrated installation of hardware, software, and professional services needed across 12 rooms
  • Introduced seamless, almost entirely wireless AV solution

The Benefits

  • Staff satisfaction at an all-time high
  • Seamless communication between global offices resulted in significant cost and time savings
  • More attractive, practical meeting rooms now make stronger impression on customers
  • Extraordinary gains in productivity realised due to ease of use

Why Servium?

  • Proven partner through existing support of AV technology
  • Ability to leverage AV expertise within Services Ecosystem
  • Flexible, budget-conscious approach to solution