The Who

  • One of the UK's largest suppliers of concrete, building, and surfacing products to the commercial sector
  • 12 offices in the UK, 4 in the Republic of Ireland
  • Roughly 1,500 users

The Challenge

  • Existing legacy IBM (Lenovo) storage platform reaching maximum capacity
  • Experiencing major latency issues
  • Software-defined solution built into appliance no longer fit-for-purpose as approaching end of life
  • Many attempts to reduce latency and improve performance had proven unsuccessful

The Solution

  • Servium assessed existing infrastructure performance and necessity of a full replacement
  • Concluded existing Lenovo storage architecture could still be utilised as second-tier disaster recovery backup
  • Conducted assessment of alternative architectures for first-tier
  • 2 days spent on-site with Lenovo storage specialists
  • Decided implementing new Lenovo for first-tier would be complementary to second-tier
  • New enterprise-class, deduplicated storage system based on Lenovo architecture put into place as first-tier
  • Lenovo support service pack added for further value to solution

The Benefits

  • Hugely reduced latency and greater capacity
  • Storage appliances future-proofed for next 5-10 years
  • Better end user experience and increased productivity thanks to improved access and faster login process
  • More secure solution allows admin staff to stay one step ahead of any issues with real-time protection
  • 4-hour on-site fix from support engineer

Why Servium?

  • Secured excellent commercials for customer
  • Proactive attitude towards project from outset
  • Acted as extension to customer team and filled resource gaps through Services Ecosystem
  • Excellent engagement with vendor and customer via multiple demos and 2-day on-site consultancy