The Who

  • UK-based specialist insurance firm
  • 1 UK office, 1 office in Bermuda
  • New customer at point of enquiry

The Challenge

  • Rapid expansion from 350 users to 1,400 in the space of a year
  • Increase in users largely unforeseen
  • Onboarding new users at a rate of 50-70 people per month
  • Software estate comprised of multiple ISVs, including several specialist insurance apps such as RStudio and DQ Pro
  • Internal IT team struggling to keep up with variety of ISVs needed
  • Stretched time and resource prevented proactive management of licences and compromised best commercials
  • Initially approached Servium for a relicensing of Google Workspace
  • Then wanted assistance with rest of software estate

The Solution

  • To enable the client to get the best possible cost, we gained all the necessary product accreditations
  • Consolidated management of existing software, including quotes, negotiation, and relicensing
  • Flexibility of outsourced management creates capacity to onboard further ISVs
  • Ongoing vendor management to unburden customer of managing multiple vendor relationships

The Benefits

  • More than £10,000 saved on multiple different vendors
  • Time saved for internal IT team to focus on other tasks
  • Co-terming of contracts simplifies ongoing renewals and reduces costs

Why Servium?

  • Commitment to creating cost savings
  • Friendly but straight-talking service
  • Authority in various ISVs and valuable advice
  • Ability to manage multiple simultaneous licence renewals
  • Client extending support into managed print and hardware deployments for their international office