8 best practices for obtaining a sustainable device strategy

There’s no denying that sustainability is something that’s becoming increasingly relevant to the corporate and social responsibility goals of many businesses.

As the matter of sustainability gains prominence, so does the pressure on IT leaders to minimise technology’s effect on our environment and contribute to the sustainability targets of their business.

That’s why we’ve created an informative eBook, to help you find out exactly how you can best align your device strategy with your organisation’s sustainability goals.

Who is this eBook primarily aimed at?

Our eBook has been written with IT leaders in mind. It will therefore be useful for IT teams in all organisations regardless of sector.

What will you learn?

We’ve summarised 8 tips for procuring, managing and maintaining device technology sustainability.

  • Learn how IT affects our environment, with perspective on the real context.
  • Gain insight into how to deliver a device strategy with a reduced impact on our planet.
  • Discover innovative ways of monitoring your device estate.
  • Find out how your technology strategy can help save the environment while saving money.

Download our eBook today to discover 8 best practices for obtaining a sustainable device strategy.

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