Azure Virtual Desktop: The up-to-speed guide

Traditional desktop delivery is being challenged on every front – management overhead, user experience, security and even device availability.

Recent global events have shone a light on desktop strategy and IT teams are asking themselves if they can do it better.

Desktops in the cloud

With so many other apps and services powered by the cloud, why not your desktops too?

Azure Virtual Desktop is changing the game on desktop delivery. It smashes past objections to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), serves up extraordinary commercials and blends IT control with brilliant user experience.

Our latest guide seeks to bring you up to speed on what Azure Virtual Desktop is and help start your research journey to qualify if it’s right for your business.

In the guide you’ll learn:

  • Why Azure Virtual Desktop is a compelling alternative to traditional desktop delivery
  • The benefits of delivering desktops from Azure
  • How Azure Virtual Desktop differs to Windows 365