Technology Asset Disposal

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Secure disposal of unwanted IT assets

When you’re ready to swap out your hardware, disposing of your IT assets is often met with a host of uncertainties. Since discarding them yourself just isn’t practical or even legal, we’ve created a highly secure asset disposal service to properly remove your devices and dispose of them in an environmentally sensitive way.

We dispose of all IT and communications hardware

Thanks to our comprehensive Services Ecosystem, we can provide a complete service to discard whatever technology is no longer right for you. As a result, we deliver one of the UK’s leading Technology Asset Disposal services, covering a multitude of products ranging from servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, printers, comms equipment, mobile phones, office phones, and digital signage. Importantly, all recycling and disposal services take place at highly secure UK locations, protected by 24-hour gated security and manned around the clock, so you don’t have to worry about it falling into the wrong hands.

Peace of mind from start to finish

From the moment you choose to dispose of an asset we take care of everything.  There’s no need to worry about transporting your equipment, we’ll come and collect it from you in secure GPS-tracked vehicles, no matter how big or small or where you are in the country, office hours or at weekends.

Your data protection is the most important part of our asset disposal service. Our approved shredder destroys hard drives, disks, tapes, and other magnetic media to the most stringent government requirements. Critically, we promise that 100% of data is permanently wiped from all IT equipment.

Don’t just head to the skip

Asset disposal requires a lot more than just throwing away your devices. We keep your safety top of mind with extensive procedures to ensure that your data is secure up to and after destruction or recycling. But we don’t just stop there, we specialise in finding top value returns for your redundant IT, so if any old IT equipment still has market value, we will pay you for it, which means a welcomed contribution towards your next technology acquisition.

Our Culture

We’re born to serve. It runs throughout everything we do – from the big things to the little things. Known for our commitment to excellent customer service and meticulous attention to detail, we approach every project with care and a can-do attitude.

Our Team

We’ve assembled a team of talented individuals all dedicated to giving our customers the best service possible. We all share the same passion for technology and the same core values, going above and beyond to deliver great IT experiences.

Our Partners

We work with a broad spectrum of industry-leading partners, from pioneers to heritage brands, so we’re perfectly positioned to bring you the very best technology available. It ensures an objective view, and that any partner we match to your solution is the right fit.

Our Customers

A responsive service and refreshing honesty see our customers come back to us time and time again. It’s a big part of why we’re trusted by 700 businesses and counting, and continue to win over the hearts and minds of all we work with.

Our Recognition

We’re not ones to show off, but we are proud of the industry recognition we’ve achieved. We’ve been shortlisted for and won several prestigious IT and technology awards.